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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Advanced Laser Direct Imaging

ALDI - Advanced Laser Dynamic Imaging

The Advance Laser Dynamic Imaging (ALDI) system is designed based on Aiscent's proprietary micro-mirror based dynamic imaging and scanning system. This is an not the simple ordinary DMD device imaging scheme, ALDI system has a special designed DLP optical engine system which enables it to improve the performance in many area as compared to the conventional method.

In addition, ALDI system incorporated continuous image scanning scheme with our proprietary data processing software and hardware, it can achieve many advantages in compared to the conventional DMD's imaging schemes.
Better Image Quality

Current technology has proven to be inadequate for the more precise images needed in the many applications. As the need for finer features and higher resolution continues, the current systems are becoming increasingly ineffective especially for the sub-10 micron feature size. As a result, the resulting pattern often shows the effect of digital pixilation and looks rather ridged.

We have taken many measurements to ensure a high quality image from our products. In many cases, the minimal data resolution needs to be less than 0.5um in for most key applications. ALDI system has the flexibility that can accept high resolution data to produce high quality fine feature, together with its high speed accuracy scanning mechanism, ALDI system can generate small fine feature with excellence image homogeneity without stitching error.
Faster Scanning Speed
We have created a proprietary data processing hardware and software, ALDI system can process image file data on the fly without waiting time to ensure fast and accuracy scanning even for a large exposure area.
Upgradable Multi-Optical Engine Scanning Concept

Our modular imaging technology allows different imaging heads to be retrofitted as your requirements change. Depending on your throughput requirements and your budget, we can build a system that meet your current conditions and upgrade it in the future to meet your needs from time to time.

Line Edge Smoothing Technology

A creative technology using special DMD scanning method coupled with special MLSFA (Micro Lens with Spatial Filter Array) enable ALDI system to produce better line edge performance and resolution compared with other direct writing solutions.

Real Time Scaling and Distortion Compensation Technology

ALDI system generates images in real time mode, allowing dynamic adaptation to scale and rotate the pattern in the computer system. Registration  errors  caused  by  flatness variations of the substrate and the  error of the stage moving is improved by additional software to compensate for any variation in the mechanical structures or the environmental parameters, and it also compensates the registration errors caused by distortion error of the substrate. These deviations are compensated for each side individually, providing better side to side registration performance.

“Chip-by-Chip” Alignment and Scaling Technology

ALDI system allows internal scaling points to be selected allowing each chip on a single panel to be scaled individually. The same function apply to multiple panels in a single batch, each panel will be aligned and scaled individually in the software system.