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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Touch Screen Panel Solutions

ALDI-TP Series – best solution for One-Glass-Solution touch screen sensor technology!

ALDI-TP provides the long waited solution for the manufacturing of One-Glass-Solution (OGS) touch screen sensor technology. One-Glass-Solution touch panel uses a single piece of glass as both cover lens and sensor substrate, its integrates the touch sensor into the cover lens in order to reduce the material cost, thickness and weight of the device.
ALDI-TP has “chip-by-chip” alignment method  allows multiple OGS to be processed in a single batch, it can acquires target on each OGS, individually aligns and images the pattern on each OGS piece-by-piece in a single process with high speed. This system generates images in real time mode, allowing dynamic adaptation to scale and rotate the substrate in the computer system, no physical adjustment is require.
ALDI-TP is the best solution for production of One-Glass-Solution touch screen panel by gaining critical advantage for better production yield and achieve higher throughput.
  • Minimum feature size is 15um line and space, smaller feature size available upon request.
  • High power laser system capable to image on any conventional photoresist.
  • Line edge smoothing technology utilizing micro lens array to produce better line edge performance and resolution.
  • Chip-by-chip alignment method allows multiple panels to be processed in a single batch.Upgradeable multi-engines scanning technology to suite into your needs from time to time base on your budget and throughput  requirement.
  • Real time scaling and distortion compensation technology allowing dynamic adaption to scale and rotate the pattern in real time to compensate any variation cause by flatness variation or board deformation for better registration performance.
Customization and Automation Option
Aiscent can work exclusively and meticulously with you in order to design an ALDI-TP that perfectly matches your needs. Depending on the required resolution, throughput rate, substrate size, and accessory needs, Aiscent can customize a machine to fit your requirements. Please contact sales for additional information and consultation.
ALDI-TP Exposure Results



ALDI-TP for One-Glass-Solution Touch Screen Panel Solution (.pdf 591KB)