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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Semiconductor Lithography Solutions

ALDI-SL Series – a revolution of conventional lithography!

ALDI-SL provides solution for high quality semiconductor process applications. This system is the best choice for a MEMS, 3D package and semiconductor mask manufacturing, it has very good performance in registration and CD uniformity control. ALDI-SL uses a unique exposure procedure, utilizing high efficient semiconductor light source and a high resolution spatial light modulator to generate a clean high definition image with refined line width without stitching error. Its printing range can reach 200 mm x 200 mm² with a data resolution of 0.05um.
ALDI-SL has two options for different requirements to balance the throughput and accuracy. ALDI-SLS designs for high throughput with automatic wafer loading/unloading function. ALDI-SLA designs for high accuracy, better resolution, better overlay and CD uniformity control.
ALDI-SL offers a better solution for semiconductor lithography by providing higher throughput rate and better ROI.
  • Minimum feature size is 1um line and space.
  • Standard substrate size up to 200 x 200 mm², larger substrate size available upon request.
  • Line edge smoothing technology utilizing micro lens array to produce better line edge performance and resolution.
  • High power laser system capable to image on any photoresist.
  • Excellent CD uniformity
  • Real time scaling and distortion compensation technology allowing dynamic adaption to scale and rotate the pattern in real time to compensate any variation cause by flatness variation for better registration performance.

Customization and Automation Option

Aiscent can work exclusively and meticulously with you in order to design an ALDI-SL that perfectly matches your needs. Depending on the required resolution, throughput rate, substrate size, and accessory needs, Aiscent can customize a machine to fit your requirements. Please contact our sales for additional information and consultation.

ALDI-SL Exposure results


1.2um L/S

5um line

ALDI-SL for Semiconductor Lithography Solution (.pdf 97KB)