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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Roll-to-Roll Solutions

ALDI-RTR Series – for high speed flexible circuit manufacturing


ALDI-RTR Series is designed to achieve automatic laser direct
imaging (LDI) on roll-to-roll flexible circuit board. It implements
automatic roll material loading and receiving mechanism for
full-automaic exposure. It enhances manufacturing efficiency
without cutting the roll substrate into panels. And LDI technology
guarantees the alignment accuracy and imaging precision.
ALDI-RTR uses a unique exposure procedure, utilizing highly
efficient semiconductor light source and a high resolution spatial
light modulator to generate a clean high quality image with refined
lie width and narrow space, either in straight line, tilt line, curve
line or any shape.
  • Minimum feature size is 15/15um or 25/25um line/space, smaller feature size are available upon request.
  • Exposure area upto 500mmx600mm
  • High power laser system capable to image on any conventional photoresist
  • Real-time scaling and distortion compensation technology allowing dynamic adaption to any variation caused by flatness variation or board deformation.
  • Low electric power consumption of 500W when idle and 1.5kW when imaging.
Customization Option

Aiscent can work exclusively and meticulously with you in order to design an ALDI-RTR that perfectly matches your needs. Depending on the required resolution, throughput rate, substrate size, and accessory needs, Aiscent can customize a machine to fit your requirements. Please contact sales for additional information and consultation.
Exposure results

roll-to-roll (.pdf,610KB)