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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Integrated Circuit-High Density Packaging

ALDI-HDP Series – realizing tomorrow’s technology, today!

ALDI-HDP provides a long waited solutions for high density packaging IC substrate makers. This system is designed for high quality imaging purpose with the capability to image pattern in the sub-10um level, it uses a unique exposure procedure, utilizing highly efficient semiconductor light source and a high resolution spatial light modulator to generate a clean high definition image with refined line width and narrow space without stitching error. It also has great registration accuracy and CD uniformity control without compromising the productivity and yield.
ALDI-HDP is the best solution for production of high density packaging PCB and flex applications for the most advanced technology in aerospace and medical industry.
  • Minimum feature size is 5um line and space
  • High power laser system capable to image on any conventional photoresist.
  • Line edge smoothing technology utilizing micro lens array to produce better line edge performance and resolution.
  • Upgradeable multi-engines scanning technology to suite into your needs from time to time base on your budget and throughput  requirement.
  • Real time scaling and distortion compensation technology allowing dynamic adaption to scale and rotate the pattern in real time to compensate any variation cause by flatness variation or board deformation for better side to side registration performance.
  • Low total power requirement of 500W when idle, increases to 1.5KW during imaging, this system runs on single phase power.
Customization and Automation Option
Aiscent can work exclusively and meticulously with you in order to design an ALDI-HDP that perfectly matches your needs. Depending on the required resolution, throughput rate, substrate size, and accessory needs, Aiscent can customize a machine to fit your requirements. Please contact sales for additional information and consultation.

ALDI-HDP Exposure Results









ALDI-HDP for high density packaging  solution (.pdf, 84KB)