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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

Aiscent exhibited at 2017 HKPCA&IPC SHOW in Shenzhen

From December 6th to 8th,Aiscent exhibited at 2017 HKPCA&IPC SHOW in Shenzhen which is the world's largest circuit board and electronics assembly trade show.Nearly 550 pilot companies gathered in the industry to provide the industry with many business and exchange opportunities.
Aiscent brought "high-precision graphics laser direct exposure system", "screen laser platemaking equipment" and other stunning debut, has attracted many customers.

At the show, Aiscent show the company's scientific and technological achievements over the past year, the hot two models and new technology access to many guests attention. Numerous new and old customers gathered in Aiscent's booth,  business exchanges and technical discussions were very hot.

As the world leader in "a new generation of maskless lithography", Aiscent aims to provide the best laser direct imaging technology for the most advanced technology processes to help our customers produce state-of-the-art technology products! We are the manufacturer of LDI with the largest LDI equipment in the world, which meets the needs of LDI customers in different fields. Meanwhile, the company is equipped with different precision lenses to meet different customers' needs in thesame field.
ALDI-PB Series – for high quality high throughput PCB manufacturing
ALDI-PB Series is the first two-sided LDI laser directing imaging system in the industry designed for high quality imaging for PCB fabrication. This patent pending technology has a pair of dynamic optical engines aligned vertically to perform direct imaging on the top and bottom of the substrate simultaneously. This system has proprietary technology for top and bottom registration, eliminating alignment and board deformation issues to improve productivity and yield.

ALDI-RTR Series – for high speed flexible circuit manufacturing
ALDI-RTR Series is designed to achieve automatic laser direct imaging (LDI) on roll-to-roll flexible circuit board. It implements automatic roll material loading and receiving mechanism for full-automaic exposure. It enhances manufacturing efficiency without cutting the roll substrate into panels. And LDI technology guarantees the alignment accuracy and imaging precision.

ALDI-CTS-Digital Screen Imager
For high-precision large area screen imaging;Using laser direct imaging technology for quick turn around,high resolution and low running cost.
2017 also introduced a smaller size and footprint, processing the length of the screen can be extended to facilitate customers to produce largescreen vertical CTS.

The exhibition was full of harvest, not only the site of the two units sold, the display of research and development trends have also attracted many potential customers. Han Jian Wei, general manager of the company was also invited to participate in the REAL TIME with HKPCA SHOW interview. Han Jian Wei introduced our products and technological advantages:
①patent advantage. Our company is the only professional LDI manufacturer in China that has the right to use the original patent of LDI all over the world.
② Our wide spectrum optical lens developed by our company can make multi-wavelength LED image in the same focal plane, and effectively solve the problem of high-precision imaging. This is a major breakthrough in our technology, at present we have more than 20 multi-wavelength LED devices delivered to customers.
③ our unique double-sided simultaneous exposure technology, has applied for invention patents in China and the United States. The technology can be used to achieve the upper and lower circuit boards exposed at the same time, the upper and lower positioning accuracy can be controlled within 5 microns. The technology has been applied to a wide range of devices in our company. Especially in the future in the PCB fully automatic connection of the application, you can use the "place theplate - double exposure – take out the plate " approach to replace the existing "place the plate  A - A exposure - under the plate - flap Board - Alignment - B-plane exposure – take out the plate "mode of production, greatly reducing equipment costs and increase the production beats.
The show has ended, the new journey set sail again, on behalf of all staff of Zhongshan Aiscent Technology Co., Ltd., to express our most sincere thanks to you! Thank you for visiting the site for new and old customers, thank colleagues for the show carefully prepared and hard work, thanks PCB colleagues share resources! Let's continue looking forward to the 2018 reunion. Welcome new and old customers continue to pay attention to our new product.
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