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A New Generation of Laser Direct Imaging

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We realize tomorrow’s technology, today!

Aiscent Technologies designs, develop and manufactures leading direct laser lithography system. The company is lead by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who are pioneering in the research and development of laser and laser direct lithography technologies.

With more than 15 years of research and development and more than 30 patents awarded, Aiscent Technologies has invented the next generation of DMD based dynamic laser direct lithography system by integrating its patented high speed DMD scanning technologies and proprietary high power laser system, this technology as Advanced Laser Dynamic Imaging (ALDI).

Aiscent provides high performance laser direct lithography solutions for various manufacturing applications such as:

  • High Density Interconnect Packaging System for IC Substrate,
  • Advanced Printed Circuit Board Fabrication,
  • OLED and TFT Flat Panel Display Fabrication,
  • Semiconductor Wafer Lithography IC Fabrication,
  • One Glass Solution (OGS) Touch Panel Lithography fabrication,
  • Large Area Photomask fabrication
  • Spherical Surface Lithography imaging system.
  • Automatic Roll-to-Roll Fabribation

Aiscent Technologies is driven by a vision to provide the best direct lithography solutions for cutting edge technology. Our mission is to help our customers realize tomorrow’s technology today!

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